My first inspiration for creating jewellery came from the amazing landscape of Mont Blanc and surrounding mountains during a season living in Chamonix with my small children.

The multi faceted angles, the colours of the back country, the sounds of creaking séracs and silent snow falls created a deep desire to express.   My Glacier Collection followed and started my journey into jewellery art.

The landscape still inspires my work, the subtle details, the smallest shell, the smells and sounds of South Devon fill me with continued forces to drive my work forward, echoing the simplicity.   So each shell stands out from the rest, cast into precious metal,  giving weight and value to each piece and incorporating the subtle greys and greens from the unique rock formations between Torcross and Beesands beach, where I live.  The 'wings' collection incorporating birds and feathers I have sketched and cut from sheet silver.

The simplicity of my designs, I believe, can be worn by all ages because the root of the inspiration is so simple - from my teenage daughters to my ever elegant mother - and all of us in-between!

My pebble shaped logo and hand written signature captures the essence of my work as the journey continues  …. Enjoy!